Engaging Email Hooks That Selling

Does your email marketing plan make you $60k a month?

Is it effective and profitable?

Are you making the money you want?

Are you building brand loyalty and recognition?

If you answered no to any of those questions pay attention.

I’m going to give you 5 Email Marketing Hook techniques to increase sales and brand loyalty.

This formula is simple and effective as hell when used correctly. You want to engage your readers instantly to create brand loyalty and make huge sales. Here is the formula, I will be breaking down each step of the formula so you have a deeper understanding of how to implement it.

Hooks – What is a hook? A hook is what engages your readers and make them want to continue to open, read, and buy from you. You want to engage your readers instantly with a high value piece here.

Here are 5 hooks to achieve this:

1. Confessions – Confessions create trust between your readers and you.

Example: I must confess, I didn’t expect this years live event to be so electrifying. Not only did the speakers kill it, but my action taking badasses learned life changing material to make 6-figuers on their laptops. If you missed out this year, there is still hope for you because in January 2019 I will be hosting another live event for badasses just like you.

(Pro-Tip: Confessions will be in allignment with the niche or sub-niche you specialize in.)

2. Secrets – In this hook sharing “secrets” with your list will create a sense of personal rapport. Secrets can be real secrets of the trade or made up secrets.

Example: I recently traveled through northern California and discovered a secret formula in San Fransisco to make an extra $10k a month writing emails. Want to know this mind-blowing secret?

Click the link below —> (Insert Link)

3. Favors – Asking your list for favors creates Action based psychology to influence your list in a positive manner to buy your products often.

Example: Hey can I ask you for a favor? Great! I recently released a life changing fitness program and have over 1,000 testimonials already, but I want more. You are the next testimonial to recieve recognition and access to an exclusive weight control program for FREE. However, you must send in a before and after photo along with a brief description about how you have prospered from this program.

4. Problems/Frustrrations/Agitations – Talk about your lists problems and pour salt on their wounds. Enhance the pain points of their problems and force a proactive desicion.

Example: Are you tired of looking in the mirror and wishing for a flatter stomach? Do you like having to buy new pants because the ones you have don’t fit anymore? Are you embarrased to take your shirt off at the beach? How are you going to overcome these nuesances?

5. Reward – This hook incorporates benefits, outcomes, and an ideal lifestyle. For enhanced influence add a personlaization like, “I was watching this and thought about you”.

Example: I was reading a newspaper article about group and community events for active lifestyles and thought about you. Does the feeling of participating in group activities with your friends make you excited about life? If yes, listen up.

Those are five advanced hook techniques you can use to create more engagement and sales in your own email list.

– Cheers

Kevin Dorantes

Email Income Expert

Engaging Email Hooks That Sell

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