How To Make An Extra $10k With Subject Lines

A huge factor in the amount of money you’re pulling in through email marketing is your subject lines. When you don’t have engaging, attractive, click-me subject lines you make no money. People want to read interesting emails and the best way to get clicks is to grab their attention with an eye-popping subject line.

I’m going to give you proven, effective, money-making subject lines for you to use for FREE.

Warning: These subject lines will make you more money and cause list engagement. These subject lines can be modified to fit the niche/profession you are in.

10 Money-Making Subject Lines List:

1. You Can Laugh At Money Worries — If You Follow This Simple Plan

2. Which Of These $2.50 To $5 Best Sellers Do You Want — For Only $1 Each?

3. How I Made A Fortune With A “Fool Idea”

4. To People Who Want To Write — Buy Can’t Get Started

5. How To Do Wonders With A Little Writing!

6. Who Else Wants More Money — With Half The Work?

7. How Much Are “Cheat Days” Costing Your Health?

8. Why Email Marketing Makes More Money This Year

9. New Workout Leaves You More Energized — Easier To Manage

10. Thousands Now Exercise Who Never Thought They Could

All these headlines can be altered and changed to your niche so use them wisely!

– Cheers

Kevin Dorantes

Email Income Expert

How To Make Am Extra $10k With Subject Lines

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