3 Fundementals In Email Marketing

Many business owners have email lists but don’t make nearly enough money as they should. They are letting money slip through their fingers like water. How can you ensure this does not happen to you? There are powerful fundamental principles to follow in order to make millions with email marketing. Today I will give you 3 basic fundamentals to ensure you get the most out of your email marketing campaign.

  1. Community With Shared Values – You want to make your email list remember you often. The more time and energy people spend thinking about you and your service the more likely they will buy. Keep in mind this principle only works with the Thousand Forest Mindset. Which is having your email lists best interest at heart. Share real-world value that is usable and helps your list solve a problem.
  2. Common Goal or Enemy – Remind them why they joined your list in the first place by sharing personal company values. People connect easily with shared values. When they receive emails from thousands of companies who do not share the same values it reminds them why you’re the best. (Side Bonus For You!) If you apply these three techniques they will know why you are the best.
  3. Passionate Leader – Last, but most importantly demonstrate the passion you have for your profession. Passion in itself is an extremely attractive attribute. Words with passion behind them pack a punch compared to pitches and swipe email.
  • -Cheers
  • Kevin Dorantes
  • Email Income Expert
  • 3 Fundamentals In Email Marketing

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